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Where innovation meets speed and accuracy


Imagine an AI that allows you to classify, manage and analyse in real time any document you want, regardless of format and quality.

Imagine having all this on a mobile app you can easily download on your smartphone.

Now imagine also all the benefits you could get:

  • Saving time
  • Cut costs
  • Increase the quality of your work
  • Offer a quality service to your customers

While you were imagining it, we made it for you.
We never loved complicated things.
We were born in 2017. The first RegTech startup in Italy.

We have expertise in finance and technology.
We have developed an innovative AI model from which we are able to design mobile apps that revolutionise current processes in the regulatory branch.

That’s not all.
Our AI learns and grows with and from you.
You can train it, guide it, make it more useful and functional.
It does it on its own. We don’t.

That’s why IBC doesn’t design only apps: it turns your projects into reality.

Because the future belongs to everyone, and we’re working to make it real.

Don’t you still believe?


Our AI it’s designed to make it simple.

Hours of code, love for technology. Enthusiasm and passion.
We put our heads and our hearts into it.

Now you can use it for your business.
In a few simple steps, fully synchronised tools and features.

IBC technology suite can answer to all your document management and analysis’ needs, while improving the efficiency and reliability of your business operations.

Back Office Web App

Master data customization & management | Service Customization | Document validation | Case Management | Client IMS

Mobile App for your customers

B2C Onboarding Management | Services Showcase | Calendars and Agendas | ONE TAP Document Collection | Smart Archive | 1:1 Push Notifications

NO CODE AI training

Creating New Categories | Defining Fields, Index and Attributes | Training Document Sets Entry

Direct integration API

API suite for AI which can be integrated within any CRM software


  • Automation of data collection for tax returns (income tax return, PF Form)
    Social security and welfare services
    Expense reports and payroll management

  • Onboarding
    Automation of document classification
    Data extraction from contracts, letters and judgments

  • Onboarding
    Automatic receipts acquisition
    Automatic reconciliation

  • Tax Free Invoice Analysis
    Automatic journal entries classification

  • Automatic Data sorting
    Data extraction (Reports and Medical Records)

  • Automatic classification
    Master data extraction (supplier contacts, employee management, events, partners)


An innovative and original system mixing Machine Learning, a methodology capable of learning from experience, replicating the innate and human mechanism with two of the most common AI applications:

NLP (Natural Learning Processing)
It mainly deals with texts and trained on different language libraries, enabling it to recognise foreign language texts as well.

Computer Vision
Through study and training, it enables the system to understand any image or video content.

Through the integration of these systems, here are the innovative features that IBC AI is capable to offer:

Automatic Classification

Classify and sort correctly any document.

Automatic Indexing

Extract any information you need from any document.

1:10 document compression

A dedicated compression system for any document (PDF, images, xml and others)

No-Code Setup

A user-friendly interface allowing you to customise your automatic analysis processes and creating classes, index fields and services in check list mode, etc.


Our AI allows you to pre-process all incoming files and thus standardise your digital archive, improving OCR document capture by more than 30%.


Analyses documents in any language.


Classify, manage and analyse any document in real time, regardless of format and quality, thanks to our AI which learns and grows with you, on a mobile app you can easily download on your smartphone.

Analyzed Documents
Partners’ Saved Working Hours

Can you believe it now?


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